Air digital photography with a small remotely controled electric propulsion plane.
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In March 11th, 2007
STOP-STOP & STOP The DEP Photo taken with a new APN: CANNON IXUS I4 and the D.E.P by very sunny weather at 10 am in the morning.
In January 28th, 2007
The D.E.P. for Digital, Electric, Polystyren -in french NEP ! The DEP Here is the new plane, the characteristics are identical in the precedent, but more compact and finer. It embarks the Canon IXUS-I.
In January 21st, 2007
In full speed ! Campus of Talence New plane, new digital camera Photo taken with a new digital camera : CANON-IXUS-I4, adjusted on 400ASA with a plane which also is new. The picture is taken by rear wind and in full speed.
In July 6th, 2006
The same roundabout but in color roundabout I change the digital camera and I shoot the same place.
In June 11th, 2006
Roundabout in black and white roundabout_bw Problems with the digital camera, the photos having no good balance colours, all the pictures were all converted in black and white.
In June 4th, 2006
Building was renewed Building Building was renewed in the village v, the height is of 200ft, it was a simple flight of training.
In May 28th, 2006
Water tower Water tower The big water tower which is behind the village ii and which is visible everywhere. The height of furthermore of 300ft.
On May 1st, 2006
On the campus... big curve On the campus, in front of the building of Geology: big curve with ways for cars, tram and bike. The height of 360ft is estimated with the size of the visible vehicles on the photo.
On April 23rd, 2006
Self-portrait 1985 Self-portrait realized in April, 1985 with a kite. 2006 Self-portrait realized in April, 2006, in the same place, but with a rc-model airplane.
On March 26th, 2006
Flight at low height Cycliste Internet friends indicated me that it was not recommended to fly in more of 300ft from height. I thus trained to maintain my plane enter 150 and 300ft During 10 minutes while taking photos of which that of a cyclist who passed there. Of the sun, 9:00 GMT, wind a 7kt but disturbances felt because of the weak height.
On February 26th, 2006
A simple training Curve February was not very convenient to the photography: sky sinks, wind, rain, snow... On Sunday, February 26th, last possible day. It is 10:30 am, wind at 8kt and hazy sun. It is necessary to choose a sure place: behind Village-5 of the Campus of Bordeaux. Result 157 shots for a " simple training ".
On January 22nd, 2006
The neighborhood of the I.E.P. iep It is 12:15 am, wind is of 6kt, temperature 41°F, clear sky, the fog got up, 112 taken photos, good photos because there was of the sun.
Conditions of recording: exposure 1/200, aperture f:5.6, ISO100, focal 5mn, camera Sony Cybershot U20
December 18th, 2005
The neighborhood of the E.N.S.A.M. It is 10:30 am, wind is of 4kt, temperature 37°F, clear sky, flight without history, 152 taken photos, but no published. Refer to the site Hypergallery.
December 11th, 2005
Flood on the campus. piscine-U It is 10:30 am of the morning, northwest wind of 4kt, temperature 34°F, after several rainy weeks there is of the sun but it is cold ( 135 taken photos).
In November 11th, 2005
University Swimming pool alone. piscine-U It is 9 am in the morning, of the sun, no wind but no wind but a light mist, flightof 8 minutes; 150 taken photos of which the University alone Swimming pool (finally).
In November 6th, 2005
University Swimming pool and the parking It is 9 am in the morning, of the sun, the wind of less 30 knt flight of 10 minutes; but further to an error (not opening of the trapdoor) only 26 photos were taken among which the entrance and the parking lot of the swimming pool.
In October 16th, 2005
Near the E.N.S.A.M. It is 9:30 am, there is of the wind and the sun is badly placed. This picture represents the fence of the ENSAM and the Stadium of the University swimming pool.
In October 2nd, 2005
Roundabout of the R.U.2 Roundabout situated near the university canteen R.U.2, at the crossroads avenues Jean-Babin, Pey-Berland and Faculties.
In October 2nd, 2005
Station of streetcar Doyen-Brus Photo taken at 9 am the takeoff having come true in 200m from there, near the station François-Bordes, no wind.
In September 18th, 2005
Station of tram François Bordes : It is 9 am in the morning, of the sun but many wind, however the height is sufficient to make this small photo. It is really impossible to tempt a too long flight by rear wind.
In August 15th, 2005
Saint-Just-en-Chevalet : Area of takeoff and recovery at the edge of the village.
In July 10th, 2005
Roundabout of Bardanac: it is a roundabout roundabout which is in border with regard to the campus. It is situated in the crossroads of the avenues of Paillère and Bardanac.
In July 9th, 2005
On the campus : The roads drawn by the students.
In July 4th, 2005
Stadium of Pessac It is 7:30 am, many wind ( limit conditions), there was of the rain, impossible to set of the height, the flight lasted 6 minutes. Here is a sight of a front wall (pediment) of pelota.
In July 3rd, 2005
Roundabout of the I.U.T. : Thisroundabout is situated to Gradignan, avenue Naudet, just before the bridge which steps over the bypass. To the right is the village 6 and to the left the I.U.T. It is 7:15 am, the wind is weak.
June 25th, 2005.
Roundabout of the sport: Roundabout situated in end of the university stadium of Pessac, next to the institute of the sport and the school of art. It is 8 am is the sky is foggy (no shadow) but the light is sufficient.
In june 25th, 2005: :
The third flight: 112 taken photos 12 swindle. Sight of the device in the PHOTOSYSTYRENE with the engine brushless, batteries lipo, the digital camera Sony, receiver and servos.
In june 18th, 2005:
New plane: Photosystyrene. With photo for photography, styrene for polystyrene extrude and sy for SYSER, plan of Serge HENRY's plane, published in Modèle Magazine of January, 1997, which served me as model.